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Good News!

We, the parish of St Thomas More, have been blessed with the mission of spreading the Good News to the people of southwest Edmonton. Yes! This means you too are to be involved and are needed on this journey.

Our Archdiocese needs a new church in rapidly expanding southwest Edmonton. Archbishop Richard Smith launched a plan for this church, which will be paired with an adjacent Covenant Care Facility and Covenant Living Facility, to form a single Catholic campus.

Our parish has been tasked by Archbishop Smith to undertake a campaign to raise funds for the project. The cost of the land is $9.67 million and additional funds will be needed for construction. This is a difficult and challenging time, but it does not stop the need to grow our faith and the faith opportunities for others. 

Windermere, Ambleside, Heritage Valley and the communities near the Edmonton International Airport are growing. These feed into St Thomas More Parish. Though the closest Catholic church in the southwest, it is distant for many families to attend regularly; many of our five weekend Masses are filled beyond capacity.

The number of families in these areas will continue to increase. Having a church to call home will make it easier for these families to receive the Good News and celebrate the Eucharist and other sacraments. We will be sister parishes, sharing some facilities. 

A 10-acre parcel of land in Glenridding has been purchased with a mortgage. 

Our Archdiocese vision gives our community a chance to be a part of something bigger; a vision for the next 15 years and beyond. We are grateful for the bold work done in the past to expand our Archdiocese; especially in our own parish. These works were major projects, and now we have the chance to assist in a new work. 

“The main work of the Church is Mission. Not all mission work is in far off places. We need to take part in building the physical and spiritual local Church.” – Father Mitch Fidyka

Learn More

A parish committee has been established, co-chaired by Paul Givens and Heather-Jane Au, with parish cross-representation. We will be communicating updates and are here to answer any questions you may have.

Where will the new parish be?

Better yet, see our new land in person!

Adjacent development includes a Covenant Care Facility, Covenant Living Facility, new high schools, a new rec center, grocery, and a commercial center.

A sign has been posted at the new parish location.

Rabbit Hill Rd SW & Glenridding Ravine Rd SW,Edmonton, AB T6W 1A6

In the news

Volunteers embrace vision for new parish in southwest

By Andrew Ehrkamp, Grandin Media   |   Catholic Alberta   |   April 29, 2020


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To donate to St. Thomas More's mission for a new southwest Edmonton Catholic church: 

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2. Make an online donation on our parish website

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